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Artificial turf safety

Synthetic grass is fire retardant and is tested to EN standards for safety criteria. All of our installations of astro turf include a “shock pad” which cushions the feel of the grass and creates the perfect environment for children to play.

Why choose us?

 All of our services are carried out to the highest quality. If you have any queries about our hard landscaping services feel free to contact us



Artificial grass is maintenance free!

The synthetic grass surface is mud free all year round and is pet friendly. Next to no maintenance is required once the astro turf has been installed! No more weeding, shovelling or watering!

Pet friendly artifical grass

Artificial grass is perfects for both cats and dogs. It is easy to clean dog mess from plastic grass and no odours are left.


Walling a garden is a great way to make your outdoor areas feel completely at one with the rest of your home. Improving security and privacy while reducing disruption and damage by wind, walling also encourages climbing plants, giving a peaceful traditional feel. Critically, a wall has pleasing permanence and makes the garden a really relaxing place to be.

Benefits of garden fences

We build garden fences and lay fence posts.

  •     To provide privacy
  •     To divide up your garden
  •     To add height to your garden
  •     For support of climbing plants
  •     To shelter plants from wind and the elements
  •     To be purely decorative

Crown reduction

Crown Reduction (also known as ‘Tree Lopping’) is usually carried out when a tree has outgrown its location i.e. to overhead services or buildings in some cases just to reduce the weight of the trees crown.

We carry out Crown Reduction work throughout the year, though avoiding early spring where possible as this can be detrimental to some species. Crown reduction works are normally carried out to maintain a tree that is growing too large for its location but is still required to look aesthetically pleasing. Here, at tree surgery north west, we usually crown reduce by approximately 25-30% of the trees overall mass, bringing the height down and reducing the sides in. Removing any dead, dying or diseased branches.

‘Tree Lopping’ is often used to describe Crown Reducing although it is not a nice description of this type of work, but a common practice.