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Tree Surgery North West are professional, friendly tree care Specialists. Tree felling and tree surgery services.

About us

Why choose Tree surgery north west ?

  • We have been in the Tree Felling, Tree Dismantling business since 2006 
  • All of our work conforms to the British Standard for Tree Work 3998 2010
  • We are members of city & guilds 
  • All our staff are fully qualified and insured 
  • We operate environmentally responsible policies
  • We provide professional honest advice & no obligation consultations.
  • We take great pride in our work and love a challenge.
  • We are proud that most of our work is obtained by word of mouth
  • We always show proof of qualifications and insurance before any work begins

Company Details


0161 660 4989

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Audley road stretford south Manchester 

Audley Avenue stretford M32 9TE south Manchester 


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We deal with all types of trees and hedgerows.  We have the equipment and expertise and the safety of our customers and our team are extremely important to us, so you can be rest assured that we are fully insured.

We undertake all types of tree work, from removing branches to tree removal and stump grinding services are also available.  We recycle tree and hedgerow waste, whether for garden mulch or dressings between plants or they can be used for a nature area in the garden, wood is also sent to a power station in Cheshire for recycling purposes (fuel for the power stations).

We provide all tree services, pollarding, crown reduction, crown lifting through to the removal of trees.  Removals are undertaken where safety is a concern; we deal with storm damages trees where often the tree needs removing for public safety. Diseased trees are also of concern, especially where there are other trees so need to be removed.

Trimming the tree branches occur for a variety of reasons including the danger of overhead power cables or telephone lines or even to allow the light to enter a window. If trees are not trimmed they can overgrow and become a menace, leylandii are a good example.  Also the neighbours might not be too happy if they have overhanging trees in their gardens.



Customer Feedback

Thank you for the excellent job you made of pruning the trees in our garden: we would be happy to recommend you to anybody asking for a tree surgeon.

Best wishes,

June and Martin Sellers

Stump Grinding/Removal

Stump Grinding, Stump Removal is the removal of tree stumps, and reduction to mulch.

Stump Grinding is carried out by a machine which can fit through a standard 36″ gate and grinds to a depth of 12-16″ below ground level enabling you to re-plant or for building work to take place. Where access is better, we have access to  larger machines that can grind out stumps much quicker, thus making the price more affordable. After the stumps have been ground out, replacement planting can be carried out if required

We can grind out tree stumps from 2 cm to as big as you can imagine, leaving the surrounding area undisturbed and tidy.

The left over chippings are left on site as excellent organic garden mulch.


Areas Covered

Tree felling

Tree Felling, Tree Dismantling is the removal of trees to ground level, and can be carried out at any time of the year except in the presence of roosting bats or nesting birds.

Most trees need to be dismantled when felling for a variety of reasons, such as their location to property and buildings, highways, gardens, and even other trees. This is done with the use of specialist lowering equipment to ensure the safety of the climber, and ground staff, whilst reducing the impact to the working area below.

The tree will then be treated with a translocated herbicide where necessary to prevent re-growth, or if required we can have the stump ground out.

Dead Wooding

Deadwooding is the removal of dead or dying limbs and branches from a tree. Dead wooding is essential work as a responsible tree owner to ensure the safety of the public and highways.

We carry out this essential tree maintenance throughout the year on all trees, especially those close to public amenities and highways

Crown reduction

Crown Reduction (also known as ‘Tree Lopping’) is usually carried out when a tree has outgrown its location i.e. to overhead services or buildings in some cases just to reduce the weight of the trees crown.

We carry out Crown Reduction work throughout the year, though avoiding early spring where possible as this can be detrimental to some species. Crown reduction works are normally carried out to maintain a tree that is growing too large for its location but is still required to look aesthetically pleasing. Here, at tree surgery north west, we usually crown reduce by approximately 25-30% of the trees overall mass, bringing the height down and reducing the sides in. Removing any dead, dying or diseased branches.

‘Tree Lopping’ is often used to describe Crown Reducing although it is not a nice description of this type of work, but a common practice.